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Learning Resources Commission

Represents the interests of Learning Resources personnel.




  1. What We Do
  2. Executive Board
  3. Bylaws
  4. Operational Plan
  5. Announcements
  6. Awards and Recognition


Learning Resources: Who We Are

The purpose of the Learning Resources Commission is to represent the interests of Learning Resources personnel and those they serve throughout the Florida College System and to promote participation and professional development opportunities relating to all aspects of learning resources.




Chair: Kendra Auberry, Indian River State College                        Phone: 772-336-6268

Chair-Elect: Mary Ward, Florida SouthWestern State College    Phone: 239-691-6966

Secretary/Treasurer: Joan Moore, Santa Fe College                  Phone: 352-395-5768

Webmaster: Lena Phelps, South Florida State College               Phone: 863-784-7303

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

  • January 20, 2015
  • March 24, 2015
  • May 14, 2015
  • June 17, 2015
  • September 30, 2015
  • November 11, 2015
  • December 17, 2015

Commission Reports to the Board



Call for proposals for Learning Resources Commission Spring Conference!

Virtual Conference: April 27, 2016

Deadline for Proposals: March 17, 2016
Submission Link:

This fun day of collaboration will feature a wide variety of online presentations from colleagues within the Florida College system. Topics of interest to members of the Learning Resources Commission will bring a diverse audience for this complimentary professional development opportunity. All presentation proposals are welcome! Please consider sharing about a successful project, technology tool, or campus initiative that is happening at your college.

Individual presentations will be 20-30 minutes.

Possible topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  •  engaging virtual students
  • inter-departmental collaboration                    
  • user experience
  • makerspace                                                   
  • revitalizing the one-shot
  • flipped instruction


Presenters will be notified of their acceptance by April 1.

In addition to individual proposals – a Hot Topics Panel will be a highlight of the day. If you are interested in moderating and selecting speakers for this session, please contact Kendra Auberry (kauberry@irsc.edu) by February 19.

Questions may be directed to:

Kendra Auberry
AFC Learning Resources Commission Chair
Indian River State College
500 N.W. California Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, FL  34986










Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Learning Resources Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws: Click here to view the Bylaws


 Operational Plan

AFC has a mission statement, value statement and goals. Each organizational unit (chapter, commission, region, committee) in turn has its own operational plan that aligns with the goals and objectives of the organization as a whole. Click here for the Learning Resources Commission's operational plan.



Awards and Recognition


Exemplary Practice Award Winners


2015: Library Services


(Alexis Carlson and Kendra Auberry)

Alexis Carlson, Librarian/Assistant Professor, Indian River State College, Optimizing LibGuide Content

The APA Style Guide (http://www.irsc.libguides.com/apa) teaches users APA style rules, end reference citations, paraphrasing, in-text citations, and formatting. As the Florida College System expands to offer programs of study that foster excellence, the art of writing will remain crucial in a student's development. In January of 2011 the APA Style Guide was published to the IRSC LibGuides website as a supplement to instruction and as a standalone tool for students. The APA Style Guide is available to students 24 hours a day, ever day of the year. The guide was made for students to navigate content easily and effectively on their own, with no instruction needed. A successful, targeted marketing strategy was used and included search engine optimization (SEO), attractive, complete, and descriptive metadata, and creative distribution of materials.


2015: Learning Support Services


(Elizabeth Barnes, Dana Davidson & Lena Phelps)

Diane Holmes-Curtice, Senior Learning Specialist; Dana Davidson, Senior Learning Specialist; Elizabeth Barnes, Faculty, Daytona State College, The English Studio: a Collaborative Effort to Ensure Student Success

The Florida Legislature's Senate Bill 1720 (2013) has transformed Developmental Education at open enrollment institutions across the state. As a result of these changes, Learning Support Services have also evolved. In the fall of 2014, Daytona State College began offering ENC0055L: The English Studio, a weekly one-hour guided lab offering contextualized support for ENC1101: Introduction to Composition. The Studio is comprised of a facilitator and a group of 12 student peers. The collaborative effort among The School Humanities and Communication, the Academic Support Center and the Writing Center makes the Studio possible and provides essential support for ENC1101 students. To minimize financial cost to the college and to utilize existing ASC and Writing Center staff expertise, these specialists, after passing a credentialing process, became facilitators for a majority of the ENC0055L sections. A Senior Learning Specialist from the ASC was appointed as a coordinator to liaison with the School of Humanities and Communication and to create a schedule of Studios for all five DSC campuses, while ensuring student services in the ASC and Writing Center were not negatively impacted. Institutional data has revealed a correlation between attendance in the English Studio and higher passing rates in ENC1101. Check out this short video on the Studio and listen to what students have to say about their experience: http://bcove.me/sq2x1tul

2014: Library Services


Wendy Dover accepting for Gulf Coast State College Librarians, Assignment Calculator

The Gulf Coast State College Library Assignment Calculator was created by AFC Member Librarians Wendy Dover, Connie Head, and John Armstrong, along with Wei Cen, Sara Duff, and Lori Driscoll, in order to maximize student success. The Assignment Calculator provides an innovative framework for students to learn valuable planning and organizational skills along with the research process and the access to relevant library services and resources. The timeline is calculated based on our algorithm to keep students on track; links to brief animated tutorials created by the librarians keep students engaged as they learn about choosing a topic, using databases, proper citation, and plagiarism.  While this tool is an excellent way to market library services, it also reaches far beyond the library to support the development of skills crucial to student success in college and beyond. A student learns how to avoid procrastination by developing a workable timeline and breaking the project into manageable pieces. Graphical methods for topic development are introduced and can be used as a new way to develop one’s thesis. Successful organization of notes and quotes not only make it easier to thoroughly represent the scholarship, it also helps prevent unintentional plagiarism. And the important steps of writing, thinking, reviewing, and revising develop critical thinking

2014: Learning Support Services


Stacey Brown, Florida SouthWestern State College, "Mental Health Awareness lectures/workshops"

Stacey Brown developed and proposed a series of lectures/workshops for faculty and staff centered on a very important topic, mental health awareness. She committed her time to developing details presentations and facilitated six sessions which were open to all faculty and staff through a partnership with the college’s Teaching and Learning Center. The topics presented included Mental Illness Awareness, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Bullying, and a Follow-up Q&A session. The workshops were attended by over 100 faculty and staff during the spring 2014 semester and will be offered again in conjunction with Mental Health Week this coming fall.  Stacey’s workshops earned praise because she explained the topics in detail and also provided helpful information, including local resources, camps resources, and national resources. Staff especially appreciated Stacey’s conversational presentation style and often arranged follow up meetings with her to discuss situations and issues that arise often in their daily work. Works evaluation data collected after each session revealed that faculty and staff learned a great deal from Stacey's presentations and also voted her as the Best Workshop Presenter for the Spring 2014 semester.

View Stacey's presentation as seen at the recent AFC Annual Convention in Destin, FL.

2013: Library Services

Chipola College, "Why is Amelia Bedelia in a College Library?" (presented by Renee Scott Hopkins)

2013 Library Services Exemplary Practice

The K-12 Collection in the Chipola College Library serves students in the Teacher Education Program. This collection was created to provide students with hands-on experience with children’s and young adult library resources and to extend the importance of reading within the classroom and beyond. This collection has been responsible for a large jump in circulation. The collaboration between the Chipola Library and the faculty and students of the Teacher Education Program will be discussed, as well as how assignments are successfully tied into the collection. The recent addition of the Teacher Education Collection and the organizational structure will also be discussed.

2013: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College, "Math Up: Gateway to Success" (presented by Theresa Greenbaum, Rachel Wendt, Michele Pelham, and Brandi Horn)

2013 Learning Support Services Exemplary Practice

In the Fall of 2012, the Academic Support Center (ASC), in collaboration with the School of Mathematics at Daytona State College launched a new program, entitled Math Up, to help increase college readiness and completion. Math Up is a free program that provides a collaborative, engaging, stress-free environment in which students enrolled in Intermediate Algebra (MAT1033) can review key concepts and study skills the week before beginning the course. In this presentation, the facilitators will first review the history of the program’s creation, development, and implementation, as well as the program’s constant evolution and commitment to improvement. We will then uncover the findings and lessons learned from this initiative and discuss the impact that the program has had on the ASC and developmental math students. Finally, we will discuss and explore the implications for the college-wide community of using Math Up as a model to encourage collaboration and inspire innovative and creative initiatives to help students succeed.

2012: Library Services

Santa Fe College, "Library Research Award" (presented by Diana Matthews)

2012 Library Services Exemplary Practice


2011: Library Services

State College of Florida Libraries, Sarasota-Manatee, "Just In Time: Student & User Support Services" (presented by Rhonda Kitchens)


2011: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College, "Under One Roof: Daytona State College’s Learning Commons" (presented by Patrick Love, Diane Holmes Curtis, and Mercedes Clement)


2010: Library Services

Santa Fe College, "Utilizing Online Class Guides to Enhance Information Literacy Instruction" (presented by Jenna Miller and Diana Matthews)


2010: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College, "Partnership for Success: Faculty Involvement in Academic Support" (presented by Judy Campbell and Bob Balsamo)