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Learning Resources Commission

Represents the interests of Learning Resources personnel.




  1. What We Do
  2. Executive Board
  3. Bylaws
  4. Operational Plan
  5. Announcements
  6. Awards and Recognition


Learning Resources: Who We Are

The purpose of the Learning Resources Commission is to represent the interests of Learning Resources personnel and those they serve throughout the Florida College System and to promote participation and professional development opportunities relating to all aspects of learning resources.




Chair: Kendra Auberry, Indian River State College                        Phone: 772-336-6268

Chair-Elect: Mary Ward, Florida SouthWestern State College    Phone: 239-691-6966

Secretary/Treasurer: Joan Moore, Santa Fe College                  Phone: 352-395-5768

Webmaster: Lena Phelps, South Florida State College               Phone: 863-784-7303

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Commission Reports to the Board



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67th AFC Annual Meeting & Conference November 1-4, 2016 @ Lake Buena Vista

Commission Sessions

Thursday, Nov. 3

@ 8AM-9AM: Learning Resources Board Meeting

@ 9:15AM-10:15AM: Exemplary Practice for Learning Resource Center - Slaying the Monster: Implementing Integrated and Stand-Alone Plagiarism Workshops

@ 3:45PM-4:45PM: Exemplary Practice for Learning Support Services - Don't Cancel That Class!





Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Learning Resources Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws: Click here to view the Bylaws


 Operational Plan

AFC has a mission statement, value statement and goals. Each organizational unit (chapter, commission, region, committee) in turn has its own operational plan that aligns with the goals and objectives of the organization as a whole. Click here for the Learning Resources Commission's operational plan.


Awards and Recognition

Exemplary Practice Award Winners

2016: Library Services

Claire Miller, Librarian, South Florida State College, Slaying the Monster: Implementing Integrated and Stand-Alone Plagiarism Workshops

Our college, like many others, had a plagiarism problem. But maybe  out students didn't know how to avoid it. Miller designed and delivered a stand alone workshop specifically targeting plagiarism. Preliminary results show a drop in plagiarism rates among students who took the workshop, and the faculty LOVE it. See preliminary results and learn how to slay your own dragons of plagiarism!

2016: Learning Support Services

Montez Bates, Manager, Learning Support Services & Amanda Forth, Tutorial Center Support Specialist, Valencia College, West Campus, Don't Cancel That Class!

The Valencia College, West Campus offers the program “Don’t Cancel That Class!” to professors who have to attend conferences, meetings or attend to personal matters and have no other option but to cancel a class during the semester. This program is offered through the Learning Support’s Tutoring and Writing Centers, the library and other departments. The support center offers 4 different packages based on the professor’s needs, but are willing to accommodate if notified ahead of time. The first package, “Test Anxiety and How to Deal With It” offers students different techniques to decrease stress when taking tests. The second package, “Sustainability” provides an overview of global environmental, social, and economic challenges and recommend immediate behavioral change actions that individuals can implement to embody the change that is needed. The third package, “Library Scavenger Hunt” is utilized in emergency situations and is a self-guided tour through the library covering 10 different resources offered by the library. Lastly, “The Learning Resource Tour” is a tailorable option for professors to who would like their students to experience the Writing or Tutoring Centers. 

2015: Library Services


(Alexis Carlson and Kendra Auberry)

Alexis Carlson, Librarian/Assistant Professor, Indian River State College, Optimizing LibGuide Content

2015: Learning Support Services


(Elizabeth Barnes, Dana Davidson & Lena Phelps)

Diane Holmes-Curtice, Senior Learning Specialist; Dana Davidson, Senior Learning Specialist; Elizabeth Barnes, Faculty, Daytona State College, The English Studio: a Collaborative Effort to Ensure Student Success


2014: Library Services


Wendy Dover accepting for Gulf Coast State College Librarians, Assignment Calculator


2014: Learning Support Services


Stacey Brown, Florida SouthWestern State College, "Mental Health Awareness lectures/workshops"

Stacey Brown developed and proposed a series of lectures/workshops for faculty and staff centered on a very important topic, mental health awareness. She committed her time to developing details presentations and facilitated six sessions which were open to all faculty and staff through a partnership with the college’s Teaching and Learning Center. The topics presented included Mental Illness Awareness, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Bullying, and a Follow-up Q&A session. The workshops were attended by over 100 faculty and staff during the spring 2014 semester and will be offered again in conjunction with Mental Health Week this coming fall.  Stacey’s workshops earned praise because she explained the topics in detail and also provided helpful information, including local resources, camps resources, and national resources. Staff especially appreciated Stacey’s conversational presentation style and often arranged follow up meetings with her to discuss situations and issues that arise often in their daily work. Works evaluation data collected after each session revealed that faculty and staff learned a great deal from Stacey's presentations and also voted her as the Best Workshop Presenter for the Spring 2014 semester.

View Stacey's presentation as seen at the recent AFC Annual Convention in Destin, FL.

2013: Library Services

Chipola College, "Why is Amelia Bedelia in a College Library?" (presented by Renee Scott Hopkins)

2013 Library Services Exemplary Practice

The K-12 Collection in the Chipola College Library serves students in the Teacher Education Program. This collection was created to provide students with hands-on experience with children’s and young adult library resources and to extend the importance of reading within the classroom and beyond. This collection has been responsible for a large jump in circulation. The collaboration between the Chipola Library and the faculty and students of the Teacher Education Program will be discussed, as well as how assignments are successfully tied into the collection. The recent addition of the Teacher Education Collection and the organizational structure will also be discussed.

2013: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College, "Math Up: Gateway to Success" (presented by Theresa Greenbaum, Rachel Wendt, Michele Pelham, and Brandi Horn)

2013 Learning Support Services Exemplary Practice

In the Fall of 2012, the Academic Support Center (ASC), in collaboration with the School of Mathematics at Daytona State College launched a new program, entitled Math Up, to help increase college readiness and completion. Math Up is a free program that provides a collaborative, engaging, stress-free environment in which students enrolled in Intermediate Algebra (MAT1033) can review key concepts and study skills the week before beginning the course. In this presentation, the facilitators will first review the history of the program’s creation, development, and implementation, as well as the program’s constant evolution and commitment to improvement. We will then uncover the findings and lessons learned from this initiative and discuss the impact that the program has had on the ASC and developmental math students. Finally, we will discuss and explore the implications for the college-wide community of using Math Up as a model to encourage collaboration and inspire innovative and creative initiatives to help students succeed.

2012: Library Services

Santa Fe College, "Library Research Award" (presented by Diana Matthews)

2012 Library Services Exemplary Practice


2011: Library Services

State College of Florida Libraries, Sarasota-Manatee, "Just In Time: Student & User Support Services" (presented by Rhonda Kitchens)


2011: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College, "Under One Roof: Daytona State College’s Learning Commons" (presented by Patrick Love, Diane Holmes Curtis, and Mercedes Clement)


2010: Library Services

Santa Fe College, "Utilizing Online Class Guides to Enhance Information Literacy Instruction" (presented by Jenna Miller and Diana Matthews)


2010: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College, "Partnership for Success: Faculty Involvement in Academic Support" (presented by Judy Campbell and Bob Balsamo)