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The mission of the Facilities Commission is to promote the interests and issues of community college's facilities planning and institutional services.


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The Facilities Commission was founded in 2006. We provide to our membership a collaborative environment for sharing ideas, experiences, and successes. We promote best practices and professional development within the multiple disciplines associated with the construction and management of our colleges' facilities.



Welcome - A Message from the 2018 Chair



Together, working as the AFC Facilities Commission, we can help with Student Success!

John Barbieri
2018 AFC Facilities Commission Chair




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Chair: Govindah Ramnarain, South Florida State College, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 863-453-3052

Chair-Elect: John Barbieri, Indian River State College, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 772-519-1188

Treasurer/Secretary:Cheryl Arpasi, South Florida State College, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 863-784-7099

Immediate Past Chair: John Barbieri, Indian River State College, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 772-519-1188


Information about upcoming conferences, exemplary practice, and special contests will be posted here. Check back throughout the year for updates.


Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Facilities Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws and Standing Rules:

Bylaws (Updated 2018)


Please send us success stories for the next edition.  Forward all inquiries to the Chair.

May 2015 Edition


Please check back for more information and updates regarding the 2017 Sustainability Award.


2015 Awards of Excellence in Facilities and Programs

Innovation in Sustainability Award: Indian River State College

CAPA for Collaboration Award: Palm Beach State College

CAPA for Partnership Award: Miami-Dade College


Check back often to see links of interest to Facilities Commission Members

Keep The Wheel Spinning


Campus Safety: How to Secure Campuses without being Restrictive/Gun Laws

Learning Commons: Libraries in the Digital Age are More than Just Books

Active Learning Classroom Environments: Are they Sized Right?

Technology Packed Environments: Are Your Buildings Ready to Accommodate the Demand?

Sustainable Innovation


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