Share Your Story

The life of a higher education professional is unique. Everyone has a story to tell. Every day, people  from all backgrounds in rural and urban communities across the state find ways to teach, motivate, inspire, and uplift students.  Our colleges provide access to higher education, remediation, personal and professional development, and the opportunity to gain training for a new career. We create opportunity and transform lives and communities.  No matter your job title - faculty, custodian, advisor, police officer, or librarian -  you make a difference daily. Every college employee is important to a student’s journey. We want to collect and share your stories. How has the Florida College System impacted you? Do you have a special story of your journey through the FCS? Have you worked at your institution for 30 years and witnessed the transformation of the college and the community? Are you a former FCS student who now is an employee for an FCS institution? Tell us about your journey.

Robert Flores, 2017 AFC President, South Florida State College- My story begins a long time ago in the far away place. I am extremely honored to be the 2017 Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) President. I never envisioned that twenty years after joining AFC, I would be the president of the association. AFC empowered me with opportunities to develop my leadership skills. The development and empowering of its members has been the calling of AFC.  
Dr. Robert Flores invites you to view his Story here........ShareYourStoryRobertFlores.mp4