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Council of President Meetings

Board of Directors Meetings

AFC Meeting and Conferences

Certified College Professional Courses


AFC Events

Current Submission Deadline-March 2, 2016

AFC State Office Closed for Spring Holiday- March 25, 2016

Current Published- April 1, 2016

Campus Safety Commission, Facilities Commission and Region II Joint Spring Conference- April 1, 2016

Region I Spring Conference- April 8, 2016

Administration Commission and Region V Joint Spring Conference- April 15, 2016

CPEC/ Workforce, Adult and Continuing Education and Region IV Joint Spring Conference- April 22, 2016

Healthcare Education Commission, Faculty Commission and Region III Spring Conference- April 29, 2016

Student Development Comm., Equity Comm, Communications and Marketing Comm. and IEPPD Comm. Spring Conference- May 17-19, 2016

Current Submission Deadline- June 8, 2016

2016 AFC Legislative Committee Retreat - June 22-24, 2016 (must be a member of the AFC State Legislative Committee to attend)

Campus Safety Symposium- July 7-8, 2016

Current Published- July 8, 2016

Current Submission Deadline- August 31, 2016

67th Annual Meeting and Conference- November 2-4, 2016


Board of Directors Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting- April 7, 2016

Executive Committee Meeting- April 7, 2016

Pre-Conference Executive Committee Meeting- September 15, 2016

Pre-Conference Board of Directors Meeting- September 16, 2016


Certified College Professional Program Meetings


Council of Presidents Meetings

Council of Presidents Dinner- February 18, 2016

Council of Presidents Business Meeting- February 19, 2016

Council of Presidents Dinner- March 10, 2016

Council of Presidents Business Meeting- March 11, 2016

Council of Presidents Dinner- April 21, 2016

Council of Presidents Business Meeting- April 22, 2016

Council of Presidents Teleconference- May 12, 2016

Council of Presidents Annual June Meeting (In conjunction with FAC&U and ICUF Annual Meeting)- June 2-3, 2016