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The mission of the Technology Commission is to represent the interests of Florida's community and state college personnel whose job interests include technology-related activities or issues. The Technology Commission strives to enhance student learning, improve institutional effectiveness, and promote effective participation in all aspects of technology management, planning, information sharing, eLearning, and innovation.


Welcome to the Association of Florida Colleges Technology Commission webpage. Please browse the information listed below for Technology Commission events and announcements as well as our bylaws, newsletter, and awards and recognition acknowledging the great work of our AFC commission members.

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Welcome - A Message from the 2023 Chair

 I am Jamie Beck, chair of the Technology Commission for 2023 and Pensacola State College chapter VP of Membership. I work in the IT department for our college and have been a member of the AFC for most of my 27 years at Pensacola State.

Technology continues to change the way we work at an ever-increasing rate, and our goal is to help you keep pace with these changes and to use technology effectively.
This year, we will be partnering with both the Region I Spring Conference, March 31, 2023, at Chipola College, Marianna, and the Region V Conference, April 14, 2023, at Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth Campus. We are excited about this opportunity to serve you. We would like to hear from you! If you have any suggestions or would like to serve on our commission board, please call or email me.



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Chair: Jamie Beck, Pensacola State College, Email: [email protected]; Phone: 850-484-1513

Past Chair: Jessie Clayton, Tallahassee Community College, Email: [email protected]; Phone: 850-201-8267

Chair-Elect: Dr. Belkis L. Cabrera, Miami Dade College-Padron, Email: [email protected]; Phone: 305-237-6818

Webmaster : Pamela Suguimitzu, Miami Dade College-Padron, Email: [email protected]; Phone:  305-237-6343

Treasurer: Sheri Thomas, Tallahassee Community College, Email: [email protected]; Phone: 850-201-6188

Historian: Vacant

Secretary: Bertha Cabrera, Miami Dade College-West, Email: [email protected]; Phone: 305-237-8468



 2023 Announcements

  • Participate in the 2023 AFC Technology Commission Exemplary Practice Award with the theme: "Moving Forward to Creative & Innovative Ways of Using Technology in Education."
  • Open Historian and Webmaster positions looking for candidates to apply via email by contacting the chair and/or the secretary.

For more details visit us at AFC Technology Commission - AFC Commission of the YEAR 2023 ( proposal



The AFC Technology Commission at the AFC's 70th Annual Meeting and Conference!


Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Technology Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws and Standing Rules:



Technology Commission Board Meeting Minutes - January 23, 2023

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Technology Commission Board Meeting Minutes - November 7, 2019


AFC Technology Commission 2023 Exemplary Practice Awards

The AFC Technology Commission would like to thank everyone who submitted their exemplary practice for the recognition of the 2023 award. After a close review and consideration, the review committee has chosen to recognize the following outstanding submissions: Theme: “Moving Forward to Creative & Innovative Ways of Using Technology in Education”


For more information visit us at AFC Technology Commission - Proposal for the AFC Commission of the YEAR 2023 (


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2023 Exemplary Practice Award Winners! 

2022 Exemplary Award Winners


 2022 Exemplary Practice Award Winner


Kevin Moreau, Program Grant Manager

Palm Beach State College, Boca Raton campus – Presentation Title: PBSC tresPATHS Grant
Narrative: Palm Beach State College (PBSC), with partners Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and Broward College (BC), has been awarded a $4.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to provide a 5-year plan of academic and advising/mentor support, industry-related opportunities and career placement for Hispanic and low-income students currently enrolled at PBSC, and who are seriously interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering at FAU. Some of the initiatives that the grant focuses on relate directly to the theme and the main idea of the AFC Technology Commission Exemplary Practices preparing students both academically and professionally to successfully fulfill the demands of the workforce in the 21st Century. Providing students with a strong foundation in technology advanced programs like Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering is what PBSC is working on by developing and maintaining a strong community for students to be able to enroll in undergraduate courses at FAU.

The tresPATHS Grant is an exciting initiative; it is a gateway for students to ensure their success.
In addition, we have created the T.E.K.N.O. club for Technology oriented students to participate in activities and events to be informed of initiatives, job opportunities, and grants in the technology fields.


2021 Exemplary Award Winners

1st place winner: Dani Hawke, Merry Low, & Dr. Nicholas Vick, Tallahassee Community College

Presentation Title: LC Pop-Up Videos

Narrative: The Learning Commons staff at Tallahassee Community College (TCC) formulated the “Pop-Up Video” initiative. The pop-up video itself is a throwback to VH1’s music pop-up videos from the 1990s in which little blurbs about the artist or song would appear. While incorporating cutting-edge platforms such as VidGrid and Canva, the Learning Commons staff have produced short videos that mimic VH1’s engaging and nostalgic shorts. The content of these videos obviously diverges from that of VH1, and ranges from top skills for MAC1105 classes, to success in online courses, and the Spanish imperfect vs. preterit tenses. However, the form of these resources weaves a classic pop culture artifact with important course content and academic success tips for our students at TCC. These videos are short and sweet, intended to grab students’ attention and quickly convey the information they need to be successful in their classes.

2nd place winner: Harry Holdorf, Eastern State College

Presentation Title: Our Job is to Give You What You Want

Narrative: The Adult Cardiac Sonography ATC was created as a building block for a “One-Stop-Shopping” process in sonography. The Vascular Sonography ATC serves as an adjunct to the AS Degree General sonography program. The Adult Cardiac Sonography program allows registered Sonography professionals to expand their skills and leads to an Advanced Technical Certificate from Eastern Florida State College. As the adult population ages, the need for doctors to diagnose and treat heart-related issues is increasing, leading to rising demand for cardiac sonographers. Classroom and hands-on clinical experience are both key parts of the program, with local hospitals, diagnostic centers, and clinics serving as clinical education settings for the certificate. Job opportunities include working in hospitals, emergency clinics, medical clinics, and physician’s offices.

AFC Technology Commission extends our appreciation to the four (4) Colleges that submitted their 2021 Technology Commission Exemplary Practice Award projects. All of the projects were excellent and outstanding.

1.) Harry Holdorf, Eastern State College – Presentation Title: Our Job is to Give You What You Want

2.) Dr. Emmanuel Hernandez, Kurt Morris, and Jose Lopez, Gulf Coast State College– Presentation Title: Product Development Cross-discipline Project 

3.) Dani Hawke, Merry Low, & Dr. Nicholas Vick  – Tallahassee Community College – Presentation Title: LC Pop-Up Videos

4.) Madeline Heller, Buffi Bailey, Rodney, Garrett, Mike Johnston, Scott Schackmann, and Brian Underwood, Pensacola State College – Presentation Title: Supporting Faculty in the Transition to fully Online Classes

2020 Exemplary Practice Award Winners 

1st place winner: Dr. Nicholas Vick / Dani Hawke, Tallahassee Community College – Presentation Title: LC Videos – Promotional Video Planning 

Narrative: Our exemplary practice emerged from a time of remote learning and remote working during the early days of the pandemic. We knew that communicating with our students was essential, and our staff decided the best approach was to create short videos. The documentation is provided with this application package detailing how these different videos were very well received by faculty, staff, and students. The videos that were sent to students include Closed Captioning, and we made audio-only versions that can be listened to as short podcasts. The video project itself was a testament to the amazing collaboration that our staff believes is critical to our success. This work included contributions from both full-time and part-time staff members. We involved everyone from receptionists to administrative staff to help convey the important messages that the Tallahassee Learning Commons was open and ready to support student learning.

2nd place winner: Veronica Martabano & Leigh Clay, Indian River State College– Presentation Title: SLS – Advisor Connect  

Narrative: Indian River State College (IRSC) embraces the use of analytics as a pillar that supports student success. Often, when analytics are looked at, outcomes are the focus – we want to see if data-informed initiatives produce any effects. While results are incredibly important, the collaborations that make initiatives possible are also worthy of attention. This practice shows how two departments at IRSC worked in different ways and collaborated to achieve the same outcome – student success.

3rd place winner: Dr. Naita Guine / Jennifer Peterson, Florida State College Jacksonville - Presentation Title: Using YouTube to Enhance the Student Experience 

Narrative: For over 50 years, Florida State College at Jacksonville has successfully provided adult education to high need populations in Duval County. The Adult Education program at Florida State College at Jacksonville strives to help those without basic literacy skills and limited employment opportunities. We offer extensive academic, tutorial, career planning, and case management services for students at three college campus sites, 2 campus centers, and one community site. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals with low skills and place them on a path to workforce or college credit readiness.


2016: Excellence in Technology Award - Finalists

James Robinette, Palm Beach State College

My Flipping Hybrid uses college-provided Technology. The objective is to meld the flipped classroom with the hybrid presentation. It is a blended 50/50 model that focuses on using the college LMS of Blackboard, Kaltura's streaming server, the Ed-Tech server to deliver materials paired with some 3rd party apps to meet student needs and expectations. Current students expect technology to be used in their college courses and my class uses current college resources to do so. My class focuses on competency-based learning, allows students multiple attempts, and removes the "sage on the stage" feeling in order to promote the "guide by the side". I feel the student's success and course involvement increases when vibrant resources are delivered and tied directly to the learning outcomes. My flipped hybrid is full of video instruction and feedback and my teaching style allows flexibility for our non-traditional working adult learners.

Maya Pakhomova, Pasco-Hernando State College

Student Technology Conference - Connecting Students Through Technology -- Join us as we learn about an exciting initiative at Pasco-Hernando State College, TechCon. This Student Technology Conference has been designed to provide PHSC students with opportunities to experience various technologies and learning strategies to foster active learning and student engagement. We will be exploring the process that was used to organize the event, sharing the resources and conference materials that were produced, showcasing the technology tools that were used to produce these materials, discussing the collaboration among various departments and outside vendors, and looking at methods that were used to evaluate TechCon.


1st place: Bridge to eResources- Mia Tignor, Indian River State College

2nd place:
No more graphing calculators! - Brian Macon, Valencia College

3rd place:
Engaging Students through Video Creation and Interaction - Kendra Auberry, Indian River State College 


Virtual Groups: Working Together Without Actually Meeting! - Neal R. Phillips, Ed.D., Valencia College 


Cell Phones in the Classroom: Collaborative or Calamitous? - James May, Valencia College 


Harnessing Web 2.0 to Build a New IRSC-FACC Chapter Website - Daniel Hood, Indian River State College

Other finalists:

eLearning Course Organization Model and Rubric for Quality Assurance - Sidney Beitler, Palm Beach State College

Presentations That Fly: Thinking Outside the Slide - Alex Perez, Lake-Sumter Community College 


1st place: Academic Success for Criminal Justice Officers: A Tactical Approach - Adam Martin, South Florida Community College

2nd place: Shifting from Chalkboards to Collaborative Web Pages - Erik Christensen, South Florida Community College

3rd place: Pathways to the Future - Mike Pelitera, Indian River State College


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2021 AFC Technology Commission Exemplary Practice Award 1st place winner

Presentation topic: LC Videos – LC Pop-Up Videos