5G Power Skills for College Professionals

AFC & Alpha UMi Inc. present 5G Power Skills for College Professionals. This program addresses topics such as building diverse and effective teams, maximizing collaboration, developing strong interpersonal skills with emotional intelligence, understanding work-life balance and boundaries, and identifying leadership skills for a changing environment. All skills today’s college professional needs in their growing resource toolbox.

During the series, participants will explore their own dimensional diversity, learn about generational intelligence, build their personal brand, and understand the benefits of mentorship. They will learn greater awareness of their emotions and those of others while exploring how to make ethical decisions while adapting to a change. Leadership requires the ability to identify and authentically deal with conflict. Participants will learn methods for resolution, how to increase their own productivity, and how to effect transformational change.

 The parts of this program do not need to be taken sequentially.  

Note: Each session has a fee of $29.00 to attend.





You must register for each session.

Part 1:  Diversity & Collaboration -  Click here to register for Part 1

Part 2:  Interpersonal Communication - Click here to register for Part 2

Part 3: Adaptive Thinking - Click here to register for Part 3

Part 4: Professional Leadership -  Click here to register for Part 4