Association of Florida Colleges

Certified College Professional Program


The AFC Certified College Professional Program (CCP) provides opportunities to develop and increase leadership skills while learning about the Florida College System. Participants will deep dive into the history of the system and gain skills to advance as FCS professionals.  

The CCP has two distinct programs:

  • The Florida College Professional Certificate (FCPC) Program
  • The Next Level Leadership Program

The Florida College Professional Certificate (FCPC) Program


The program provides participants exposure to content and information they may not be able to obtain elsewhere. The FCPC enhances the resume and professional portfolio of a professional employee in the Florida College System. The program consists of four online CORE Courses: Leadership, Legislative Process, and Advocacy, the Florida College System, and Building Community and Customer Service. The FCPC is the foundational certificate in the CCP Program.


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 The Next Level Leadership Program (NLLP) 

The Next Level Leadership Program (NLLP) is designed to provide next-level leadership principles that today’s community college professionals can put into practice on a day-to-day basis. It builds upon what graduates of the Florida College Professional Certificate (FCPC) learned and is applicable for those who have a formal “title” and team, AND those who do not. Through this course, participants will learn about themselves while learning how to be better leaders and people of influence. Regardless of what formal title they may or may not hold, this program will assist them in excelling in their current role or better position them for a future position. This program will provide participants the opportunity to use, grow and refine their leadership skills as they move from theory to real-world application.

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