Professional Development

AFC's professional development events and programs include activities that allow participants to focus on concerns related to the Florida College System.  A concentration of relevant experiences coupled with the expertise and innovation of peers throughout the state distinguishes the professional development offerings of the AFC. These include the Certified College Professional (CCP) Program, the AFC Annual Meeting and Conference, Annual Campus Safety Symposium, AFC's Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning, Leadership Conference, Membership Development Workshop, regional meetings, commission meetings, and recognition award programs.

Certified College Professional (CCP) Program - The Certified College Professional (CCP)  Program provides AFC members with the opportunity to earn a certificate related to their work as a college professional, and exposes them to content and experience they may not be able to obtain elsewhere. The CCP program provides significant value-added benefits for membership in the AFC and enhances the AFC’s role as the primary professional development provider for the Florida College System. The first of the AFC’s three certificate offerings of the CCP is the Florida College Professional Certificate (FCPC). The other two certificates, currently under development, are the Florida College Leader Certificate (FCLC) and the Florida College Executive Certificate (FCEC).

Annual Meeting and Conference - The AFC Annual Meeting and Conference is the celebratory event of the year for the Florida College System. It includes a tradeshow with exhibits, more than 30 diverse educational programs, informative membership and association-related meetings, exemplary practice presentations, recognitions and awards, and excellent networking opportunities for members and friends of the Florida College System. It is also an opportunity for official delegates to conduct the business of the Association and to elect state officers for the coming year. You don't want to miss this annual event!

Annual Campus Safety Symposium - The AFC Campus Safety Symposium brings together experts in a combination of plenary and educational sessions to address current safety challenges facing our campuses statewide.

Annual Conference on College Teaching and Learning - The AFC’s Conference on College Teaching and Learning provides a robust interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of college teaching and learning.

Leadership Conference - The annual Leadership Conference is held in January/February each year to provide an overview of issues and concerns facing the Florida College System. Sessions designed for new chapter, region, commission and committee leaders assist the new leadership in understanding the roles and responsibilities of thier positions. It also is an opportunity for new AFC leaders to develop their leadership skills as they assist in establishing the yearly goals for AFC. Additionally, this conference highlights the AFC's advocacy role for the Florida College System providing a Legislative Session Preview. This session also provides an opportunity to brief AFC members on the Legislative Budget Request and the substantive legislative agenda.

Membership Development Workshop -This workshop is designed to assist chapter and commission leaders in designing, developing, and executing a membership development plan. Strategies on marketing, recruitment, and member retention will be shared along with best practices from successful campaigns. The workshop also highlights leadership skills needed to develop and execute local and statewide action plans. It provides insight on tools to increase chapter, region, and commission membership by developing a specific and targeted membership plan.

Commission Mid-Year/Spring Conferences -These conferences provide an opportunity for members within the same interest or career field to network, share innovations, and best practices. Each AFC commission hosts a mid-year conference in the spring. Some commissions host joint conferences and others collaborate with the regions to host joint region/commissions meetings. Exemplary practices are highlighted and presenters from across the state share their knowledge and compete to see who will be selected the best in the state!

Region Mid-Year/Spring Conferences - These conferences provide an opportunity for colleges within the same geographic area to network, share innovations, and best practices. Each AFC region hosts a mid-year conference in the spring. They may also join with one of the commissions to offer more professional development sessions to regional participants.