The AFC State Office is located at 1725 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32308. Please see information listed below to contact the association president or office staff. If you are looking for specific Region, Chapter, Commission, or Board of Director leadership, please visit one of the following pages:

Region Directors, Chapter Leaders, Commission Leaders, AFC Board of Directors

Mailing Address and Telephone Contact Information

Association of Florida Colleges
1725 Mahan Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Phone: (850) 222-3222
Fax: (850) 222-2327
General email inquiry: [email protected] 

AFC 2021 President - Ray Coulter

In 2021, I challenge you to change your mindset. We know how to adapt, and we’ve learned to be agile. Together, we will transition from our past to our very bright future. This year, do not wait for change to come ~ Be The Change
Email: [email protected]

Association of Florida Colleges Staff:

Professional staff perform a variety of functions within the association. First and foremost, AFC staff strives to serve the needs of the membership. Review the list below to locate the appropriate staff person to assist you. To contact association staff by phone, call the state office at (850) 222-3222.

Marsha Kiner, CAE
Executive Director/CEO
[email protected]

Eileen Johnson 
Director of Administration and Finance 
[email protected]

David Schrenk
Association Administrative Specialist
[email protected]

Rita Miller
Association Specialist
[email protected]


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