AFC's professional development programs include activities that allow participants to focus on concerns related to the Florida College System and to share experiences and expertise with peers.  These programs include the Annual Convention, conferences, seminars, regional meetings, commission meetings, and recognition award programs.

AFC meetings include:


Leadership Conference-This conference provides an overview of issues and concerns facing Florida's college system and the AFC. Sessions are designed to assist newly elected chapter, region, commission and committee officers in understanding the roles and responsibilities of their position.  It also is an opportunity for new AFC leaders to develop their leadership skills, and assist in establishing goals for AFC.

Trustee Legislative Conference-The conference is designed to provide College Trustees the opportunity to learn more about the Florida College System Legislative Budget Request and other Substantive Issues being monitored in the Legislature.  Discussions and presentations will be led by college leaders from across the state including the Chancellor of the Florida College System, and the Chairs of the AFC Trustees' Commission, Council of Presidents, Policy and Advocacy Committee, and AFC Legislative Committee.  Time is also allotted for scheduled meetings with local legislative delegations.


Region Meetings-These conferences provide an opportunity for colleges within the same geographic area to network, share innovations, and best practices. Each AFC region hosts a mid-year conference in the Spring. 


Commission Meetings-These conferences provide an opportunity for members within the same interest or career field to network,share innovations, and best practices. Each AFC commission hosts a mid-year conference in the spring. Some commissions host joint conferences and others collaborate with the regions to host joint region/commissions meetings.

Board of Directors Meetings-The AFC Board holds four regularly scheduled meetings during the year.  The first meeting is held in connection with the Leadership Conference in January or February, the second is held in connection with the Membership Development Conference in July, the third is held in connection with the convention planning meeting in September or October and the final meeting is held in connection with the AFC Annual Convention.


Membership Development Conference-This conference is designed to assist chapter and commission leaders in designing, developing, and executing a membership development plan. Strategies on marketing, recruitment, and member retention will be shared along with best practices from successful campaigns. This conference also highlights leadership skills needed to develop and execute local and statewide action plans. It provides insight on tools to increase chapter, region, and commission membership by developing a specific and targeted membership development  plan.


Annual Meeting and Conference -The Annual Meeting and Conference is the celebratory event of the year for the Florida College System. It includes a tradeshow with exhibits, more than 30 diverse educational programs, informative membership and association-related meetings, exemplary practice presentations, recognitions and awards, and excellent networking opportunities for members and friends of the Florida College System.


Council of Presidents Meetings-The Council of Presidents and the Policy & Advocacy Committee meet approximately ten times per year to discuss common policy issues confronting Florida's state and community colleges.