Educational Sessions from the 2011 AFC Annual Convention

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Educational Tracks

A - Administration/Management/Support Services P - Personal Development
C - Career Service S - Student Development
E - Exemplary Practices T - Technology
I - Instructional V - Video-taped sessions

Presenter: Carla McKnight, Coordinator, Student Conduct & Academic Success, Valencia College

Presentation: One Code, One Standard: Procedural Uniformity in a Multi-Campus Environment

Description: For the past few decades, our colleges have transitioned from single-site locations to multi-campus institutions. The leadership and student body often vary from site-to-site resulting in many sub-cultures within one college. As the pendulum continues to shift toward campus-based models, consistency in student conduct processes is crucial. This presentation examines reasons to maintain procedural uniformity in handling disciplinary situations and proposes a way to achieve such in a multi-campus environment. A S

Student Development Commission Presents

Presenter: Kerry Roth, Student Engagement Coordinator, Florida State College at Jacksonville, North Campus

Presentation: Advanced FCSSGA Advisors Training Session #9: Dealing with Institutional Politics

Description: Beyond simply assessing the political environment at an institution, this session will develop allies across the institution, marketing and self-promotion, and restructuring department objectives to meeting institutional priorities. A discussion of best practices will be encouraged to foster learning from one another. Also, an explanation of the Florida College System Student Government Association Advisor Training program will be provided. A S

Learning Resources Commission Exemplary Practice - Learning Support Services

Presenter(s): Mercedes Clement, Chair of Library Services; Patrick Love, Learning Specialist, College Writing Center; Diane Holmes Curtis, Learning Specialist, Academic Support Center - Daytona State College

Presentation: Under One Roof: Daytona State College's Learning Commons

Description: This session will give attendees an overview of the services offered to students, faculty, and staff in the connected buildings housing the College's library, primary technology services, and student success centers. Specifically, the overarching attitude of collaboration and dedication to student success among staff members will be highlighted as a key to the success of this model. A E I T

Career and Professional Employees Commission Presents: 2011 Exemplary Practice Showcase

Description: Should Boogie Boarding be allowed on campus? Do colleges really care about their students? Can paperwork be condensed and workloads reduced? Check out the award-winning exemplary practice presentations from John, Teri and Julia.

Presenter(s): John Hartzog, Testing Specialist, Florida Gateway College; Teri McKenzie, Student Diversity Initiatives, Brevard Community College; Julia Jucker, Petitions Specialist, Santa Fe College<

John's Presentation: Project: Paperless Replacing Pencil and Paper in Assessments

Teri's Presentation: BCCares: An Off-Campus Free and Confidential Student Counseling Service

Julia's Presentation: College Petitions Process: Better Serving Students Through Innovation and Technology


Occupational and Workforce Education Commission Exemplary Practice

Presenter(s): Lawrence Lawson, Director, Criminal Justice Institute; Brenda Rante, Program Manager, Banner Center for Homeland Security & Defense - Indian River State College

Presentation: PIE (Practical Interdisciplinary Exercise (Presentation Pending Receipt)

Description: The PIE program offered the Criminal Justice Institute and the Banner Center for Homeland Security & Defense, a part of the Public Service Education Department at IRSC, demonstrated a unique and engaging college and community initiative where all players have a huge stake in the success of every student involved. The program's emphasis on engaging students from all Public Service departments in a crime scene scenario, taking them from onset of the crime through to trial completion, while allowing local public entities to be involved in the scenario in their official capacity (public defenders, prosecution lawyers, judges, etc.) working directly with and critiquing the students, has proven to be a unique and invaluable learning experience for the students, as well as the business partners. A E I

Presenter(s): Kathleen Plinske, Campus President, Valencia College-Osceola; Mike Bosley, Assistant Provost, Valencia College-Lake Nona; Sarah Dockray, Librarian - Valencia College-Osceola

Presentation: Who Needs Books? Designing a College Library for the Future

Description: Valencia College is in the process of designing new libraries at two campuses and is deeply engaged in researching the role that libraries can play in supporting student success. Come learn what the literature says about the evolving mission of academic libraries, and join us for a conversation to share what you think would be most essential to consider when designing a library for the 21st century. A I T

Presenter: Mark Hall, Search Associate, The Spelman & Johnson Group

Presentation: Search for Success

Description: In higher education, people are you greatest investment. Staff member at community colleges play key roles in the individual development and retention of students. How much time and effort do you invest in the search process when you need to fill a key staff position? Do you select senior staff members based largely on an attractive resume and the candidate's performance at a campus visit? This session will cover every step from building consensus amongst stakeholders to on-boarding your new staff members and assisting with their transition. A

Presenter(s): Stephanie Arsht, eLearning Student Specialist, Palm Beach State College; Diana Moore, Bachelor's Degree Librarian & Associate Professor, Palm Beach State College

Presentation: My Mobile Life: Utilizing the iPad to Maximize Efficiency for Work, School, and Life

Description: At the workshop, Stephanie and Diana downloaded and used some free iPad apps and demonstrated others that are fee-based. Attendees learned to manage files, work with documents, communicate with colleagues, friends, and more! Work, study, read, write, and enjoy life on the go, using your iPad. Attached is the list of apps that participants received at the workshop and their status as free or fee-based. P T

Student Development Commission Presents

Presenter: Lynn C. Reha, Director, Illinois Center for Specialized Professional support

Presentation: Non-traditional Occupations: Why Are We Still Talking About This?

Description: Women and men in 2011 still need encouragement in order to enter and continue in non-traditional careers. This workshop will provide information about the benefits of non-traditional careers, research-based tips on increasing enrollment, and examples of effective practices. Participants will be given access points to numerous resources and an opportunity to interact concerning situations unique to Florida non-traditional careers. S

Learning Resources Commission Exemplary Practice - Library Services

Presenter: Rhonda K. Kitchens, eLearning Librarian, State College of Florida, Manatee~Sarasota

Presentation: Just in Time Student & User Support Services

Description: In 2009, the State College of Florida Libraries, Sarasota~Manatee Library (SCF) faced a CMS upgrade that left it unable to monitor, follow and help students. Working with the Tampa Bay Library Consortium Ask A Librarian service, SCF was the first Florida institution to deploy Instant Invite (Oracle's Click to Chat System). This service has been used in several ways. Feedback in this service created other opportunities for user support and a unique snapshot of the information ecosystem. E I T

Presenter: Joanna R. Branham, Fiscal Manager, Valencia College

Presentation: How to Have the Time of Your Life and Get Your Work Done!

Description: Time management isn't about finding more hours in the day- it's about making the most of those you have. The best thing that you can do to manage your time is to stop hunting for spare minutes and start thinking about how to become efficient so you can enjoy life! Attendees will learn how to complete tasks in less time, use technology to help them work more efficiently, and learn about FOCUS. P

Presenter: Adam C. Martin, Criminal Justice Coordinator/Veteran Liaison, South Florida Community College

Presentation: Serving Those Who Serve - Making You Campus More Veteran Friendly

Description: Over two million veterans are returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to increased educational opportunities and the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, the number of veterans going to college has increased by more than 50%. Not since World War II has there been this large of an increase in veterans attending higher education. This student population faces unique challenges and transition issues different from the everyday student. A wealth of research has been conducted by organizations such as the American Council on Education and the Florida College System to provide recommendations on best practices, student services, and other programs to help ease the transition from soldier to student. Making your campus more veteran friendly is an opportunity to give back to the men and women who have so bravely served in our military. A S

Student Development Commission Presents

Presenter: Dr. Dan Rodkin, Director, Student Life, Santa Fe College

Presentation: Leadership Competencies of Community College Senior Student Affairs Officers

Description: A total of 308 community college senior student affairs officers responded to The Community College Senior Student Affairs Officer: Demographics and Leadership Survey. Findings reveal that: (a) overall, community college senior student affairs officers rated the leadership skills identified by the AACC Competencies as important or very important; (b) community college senior student affairs officers rated their preparedness for the AACC Competencies significantly lower than they rated the leadership skills' importance; (c) earning an EdD and participating in mentoring relationships as a protégé both played a significant role in helping community college senior student affairs officers feel more prepared for the senior-level position; (d) participating in leadership development programs did not result in community college senior student affairs officers reporting a significantly higher level of preparedness for the AACC Competencies; and (e) institutional characteristics had a minimal impact on community college senior student affairs officers' perceptions of the importance of the AACC Competencies. A S


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Educational Tracks

A - Administration/Management/Support Services S - Student Development
C - Career Service T - Technology
E - Exemplary Practices V - Video-taped sessions
I - Instructional     P - Personal Development