Florida College Professional Certificate (FCPC) Program

The FCPC program is self-paced. You will need to complete 100 credit hours in specific areas and complete a capstone practicum (presentation) to earn the FCPC certificate. Credits may be earned through professional development offered by the AFC, your college, or an external provider. Most participants complete it within 9-12 months of starting.


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How do I earn the 100 FCPC credits I need to receive the certificate?
Credits are earned by taking the four required FCPC Core Courses (40 FCPC credits), completing job-related professional development activities offered by the AFC, your college, or an external provider (35 FCPC credits minimum), and by participating in other AFC-related activities (25 FCPC credits minimum). Details are provided below.

NOTE: Only credits earned subsequent to your official acceptance into the FCPC program can be counted toward your required 100 total credits. The date of your FCPC Welcome Letter serves as your official acceptance date into the FCPC Program.

Core Courses (40 FCPC credits) 40 FCPC credits must be earned by completing the four Core Courses described below. All of the Core Courses are offered as online courses and, on occasion, as an in-person course at an AFC-sponsored statewide event. (The cost of obtaining your 40 Core Course credits, online or via an in-person Core Course offered by the AFC, is included in your FCPC application fee.)

LEADERSHIP (10 FCPC credits)




Job-related Professional Development Activity (35 credits minimum)
35 FCPC credits minimum must be earned via job-related professional development activities. “Job-related” professional development means an activity that is specifically related to skills required to carry out your day-to-day job tasks. REMEMBER: Only credits earned subsequent to your official acceptance into the FCPC program can be counted toward your job-related professional development credits.

Other FCPC Credits (25 credits minimum) 25 credits minimum may be earned by other mechanisms described below.
Additional job-related professional development may be used to satisfy the 25 credit minimum.

Final Step- FCPC Practicum:
Each participant is required to deliver a one-hour presentation on a topic of his/her choice that is based upon the four core course topics. This may be done at the AFC state, region, chapter, or commission level, or as part of a college-based professional development program. Once you have reached 100 credits, you are eligible to submit your practicum for approval by the AFC FCPC Committee.

For additional questions about the program download our FAQ- I'm in the FCPC Now What?