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The mission of the Campus Safety Commission is to provide a collaborative community to address the diverse safety and security needs, situations, practices, policies, and procedures of each of the 28 community and state colleges in Florida.


The Campus Safety Commission was created to provide a collaborative community in which all 28 state-assisted colleges in Florida could discuss and learn from each other’s diverse safety and security needs, situations, practices, policies, and procedures.

Areas of Focus for the Campus Safety Commission:

  • Safety, security and overall wellness of our campus communities
  • Crisis/behavioral intervention, crisis management and suicide prevention
  • Mental health awareness and counseling
  • Emergency management and preparedness
  • Threat assessment and management
  • Campus policing, security, crime and loss prevention
  • Risk management
  • Laws, regulations, and compliance concerns
  • Best practices related to all aspects of campus security and safety

WELCOME - A Message from the 2020 Chair

Greetings from the Chair,
This upcoming year the Campus Safety Commission is looking 2020! As the new Commission Chair, I pledge to increase collaboration to promote a unified voice for Florida College System (FCS) safety and security emerging needs and to align to best practices. Rest assure the Campus Safety Commission is dedicated to supporting the mission and are committed to promoting the safety, security, and well-being of our members of our great 28 state colleges.
As a core principle we recognize that campus safety is vital to the success of our students, therefore, we will pursue to improve the quality of service as we address areas of: Threat assessment, Sexual Violence Prevention, Behavioral Intervention, Risk Management, Federal Laws, Hazard Mitigation and many more. Our vision and goals are clear; in short I know the great 28 public safety professionals across the State are ready for the challenges and success ahead.
As always, I ask you the members of the commission to get involved and encourage colleagues to be a part of our mission. I hope to hear from you often and look forward to serving you.


Yakir Fernandez, Miami Dade College
Director, Office of Emergency Management



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Who Should Get Involved in the Campus Safety Commission:

  • Campus compliance officials
  • Conduct officers
  • Mental health counselors
  • Faculty members
  • Human resources professionals
  • Risk managers
  • Title IX coordinators
  • Facilities workers
  • College attorneys
  • Campus police and security officers
  • Front-line student support staff


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Campus Safety and Wellness


If you were unable to attend AFC’s Annual Conference, please find the Campus Safety Commission presentation information here:

Comprehensive Approach to Safe and Secure Campuses (PowerPoint)


Chair: Yakir Fernandez, Miami Dade College, [email protected], Phone: 305-237-3774

Chair-Elect: Daniel Barto, [email protected], St Petersburg College, 727-341-3051

Immediate Past Chair: Alan Montgomery, Indian River State College, [email protected] , Phone: 772-971-0232

Secretary: Nancy Jontes-Lee, Daytona State College, [email protected] , Phone: 386-506-3604



Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Campus Safety Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws:

Campus Safety Commission Bylaws (adopted 2015)