2019 Campus Safety Symposium
July 11 - 12, 2019
Palm Beach State College


Thursday, July 11th -  9:30AM - 10:30AM

AFTER PARKLAND: A Conversation of Hope and Resilience

Join Daydream Productions' multiple Emmy award winning team, Producer Linda Corley and Director/Videographer Joel Kaplan, as they share the journey of creating their inspiring documentary, AFTER PARKLAND: The Healing of a Community and a Nation.

Produced in association with South Florida PBS, AFTER PARKLAND takes viewers behind the scenes of the Stoneman Douglas tragedy to witness the birth of one of the most powerful gun reform movements in U. S. history.

“Out of the ashes…we are the fire that lights the way.”

PBS Documentaries
Enjoy a compilation of various documentaries which have aired nationally on PBS as well as appeared in various film festivals around the country. Excellent storytelling and uncompromising camera work is the hallmark of Day Dream Productions.


Thursday, July 11th - 12:00PM - 1:30PM


Moderator: Dr. John Holdnak, President, Gulf Coast State College
Panelists: Jim McDougall, Director of Facilities Management, Gulf Coast State College; David A. Thomassee, Director of Campus Safety and Security, Gulf Coast State College; Dr. Holly Kuehner, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Gulf Coast State College

Disasters happen. Every day. And as an educational institution positioned on the beautiful coastline of the Florida Panhandle, Gulf Coast State College knew a hurricane was imminent. So, they planned.  They prepared.  And when Hurricane Michael made landfall on their shoreline, they learned they still had much to do. PREPARE STRONG is a living case study of their disaster preparedness plan and how it performed during the first 27 days of Hurricane Michael. It details what worked, what didn’t, and the lessons learned that can help others prepare strong for when “what if” becomes “what now.”  Gulf Coast State College President, Dr. John Holdnak, is moderator of this panel of his college representatives that continue to deal with the challenges of the direct impact of this historic hurricane.