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Retirees Committee

Represents the interests of Florida College System retirees.




  1. Plan of Action
  2. Committee Members
  3. Bylaws
  4. Mentoring
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. AFC Connections


Committee on Retirees: 2015 Plan of Action

As retirees, we have a wealth of wisdom and experience gained through our many years of involvement and exposure during active employment. The following is a listing of objectives to pave the way:

AFC Retirees:

  • Provide fellowship opportunities for retirees at association events, focusing especially on Annual Conference.
  • Establish opportunities for recognition of retirees at the chapter, and statewide levels.
  • Organize to support legislative issues undertaken by the association of Florida College’s Legislative Committee as needed.  
  • Organize retirees for mentoring and resource-sharing as needed by chapters, districts and statewide.


  • Submit a list to the association of those retirees who should be recognized at Annual Conference as they move into this category.
  • Include retirees in more visible ways in their planning and activities.




Committee Members


Chair: Barbara Cohen-Pippin
Email: barbaracohen213@gmail.com
Phone: 850-222-3222

Chair-Elect: Bertha Cabrera
Phone: 305-632-8587





Mentoring Program

If you are retired or planning to retire and would like to be a “Go to” person and share your expertise as a retiree mentor with your fellow colleagues, please print, fill out, and return the following form to Barbara Cohen at barbaracohen213@gmail.com.

Retiree Mentoring Information Form

Retiree Mentoring Information Form (WORD)




Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Retirees Committee hereby adopts these Bylaws:





Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the difference between a Circle and a Webpage?

A circle is part of the AFC private online community, AFC Connections. It is used to connect with colleagues, post announcements and photos, and share information and best practices. You must be a member of AFC in order to be an active participant. It is a private interactive forum.

A webpage is a controlled and public setting where you can reach a wide audience. Only the webmaster may post information via an established template.

For answers to other frequently asked questions, visit the AFC FAQ page: http://www.myafchome.org/frequently-asked-questions


AFC Connections

AFC Connections is our private interactive forum. Within this forum, we have the Retirees Circle. Please join the circle and connect with us today!

How to Join the AFC Retirees Circle

  1. Visit http://www.myafchome.org and click the login button.
  2. Click on the 'My Profile' link.
  3. Click on 'My Features' and select "Circles" - All Circles.
  4. Scroll down to retirees commission circles and select it.
  5. Look to the upper right corner of the page and select 'join circle.'

Click on the plug to be taken to the Retirees Circle and then log on to the website:

If you have an issue logging on to the site, first try clicking on the forgot my username AND forgot my password links. Forgot my username will send you an email with your correct username. Forgot my password will send you a link to reset your password.

If your email address is not found on file, please send a message to info@myafchome.org and a staff member will contact you.