Promotes professional growth and exchange of information among the career and professional (non-administrative, non-faculty) employees.

Welcome - A Message from the 2016 Chair

Kim Baker, CPEC Chair

Hello!  I am very excited to serve as your 2016 Career & Professional Employee Commission Chair!  The 2016 Executive Board members and Committee Chairs will bring enthusiasm and experience to your commission, with a promising year full of exciting events and opportunities.  Everyone is an essential piece of the commission, AFC and represents the great “28” Colleges throughout Florida.

The Career & Professional Employee Commission exists to share information and promote your growth as career and professional employees of Florida’s great college system.  Through networking with one another, we are able to share ideas and best practices, and to promote individual professional growth which continues to support our colleges.  Please let me know if you would like to become more involved, or if you have any questions about CPEC or AFC.

With your help and support, the Career & Professional Employee Commission will be Commission of the Year for 2016!

Kimberly Baker, MBA, CCP, Ed.D. Candidate
Association of Florida Colleges
Career & Professional Employee Commission Chair (CPEC) -2016
Hillsborough Community College 813-253-7127

                      “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action"

Learn more about CPEC by watching our CPEC 101 presentation!

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Book Scholarship Award

This $100 book scholarship is offered by the Career and Professional Employees Commission (CPEC) to assist CPEC members and their families pay costs not waived by their institutions.  The recipient will be chosen by a random drawing at the CPEC meeting at the Annual AFC convention in the fall. 

Criteria: Must be a CPEC employee or family member of a CPEC employee of one of the Great 28.

Must have attended a Community College or University in the last fiscal school year and provide enrollment documentation of course(s) (paid receipt accepted).

Essay Award

Objective:  To recognize the professional writing talents of the career and professional employees in the Florida College System. 

Criteria: -Any community/state college career or professional employee can be a contestant

                -The essay can be no longer than two pages, double spaced.

                -The last four digits of entrant’s social security number will identify entries for judging. 

Innovators Exemplary Practice Award 

The CPEC Innovators Exemplary Practice Award recognizes exemplary practices of career and professional employees whose innovations have saved the college money and time, have helped the career and professional employees at their college to better perform their jobs, and/or enhanced the college’s image.  This award focuses on “innovative” practices…something new, not tried before, or a revision and improvement of an old practice.  The practice should be a better, more efficient way of completing a task that would have implications for all other career and professional employees throughout the great 28.

Applicants Must Be: In the career and professional employee category at a Florida community college.  If submitting an innovative practice that was a collaborative or committee effort, the one presenting the innovative practice must be in the career and professional employee category.   Applicants must also be a member in good standing of AFC.  In submitting an application for the Career and Professional Employee Commission’s Innovators Exemplary Practice Award you are committing to present at both the Membership Development Conference and the Annual AFC Convention.

Unsung Hero Award

This award recognizes a member of the AFC Career and Professional Employees Commission for their strong commitment and tireless, behind-the-scenes efforts at the local chapter and/or commission level.


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. A full-time employee with at least five years of continuous service at a Florida College System college.
  2. A member of AFC in good standing.
  3. A model employee who has exceeded the expectations of his or her job duties.


Congratulations to our 2016 Convention Award Winners:

Book Scholarship Award: Heather Mills, State College of Florida

Essay Award: Pamela Walters, Northwest Florida State College

Unsung Hero: April Leake, Northwest Florida State College

Employee of the Year: TIE: Lori Cannon, Gulf Coast State College and Wanjiku Jackson, Northwest Florida State College

Exemplary Practice Winners:

Mikel James and Marjorie McGee
Central Florida State College

Mikel James and Marjorie McGee
Download PDF for "Mock DUI: An Aclcohol Awareness Event"


Congratulations to our first CCP Scholarship Winners!

Region I: La'Terica Clark, Northwest Florida State College

Region II: Tina Tucker, North Florida Community College

Region III: Rita Maldonado, Valencia College

Region IV: Breanna Perry, Pasco-Hernando State College

CCP Scholarship Winners


Chair: Kim Baker, Hillsborough Community College, eMail: kbaker17@hccfl.edu; Phone: 813-253-7127

Chair-Elect: Matt Wetzel, Florida State College of Jacksonville, eMail: mwetzel@fscj.edu Phone: 904-633-8184

Immediate Past Chair: Tracy Glidden, Eastern Florida State College, eMail: gliddent@easternflorida.edu; Phone: 321-433-5548

Vice Chair: Cara Bennett, College of Central Florida, eMail: bennettc@cf.edu; Phone: 352-873-5848

Treasurer/Secretary: Kathy Bauernfeind, Eastern Florida State College, eMail: bauernfeindk@easternflorida.edu; Phone: 321-433-5502


Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Career and Professional Employees Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws:

CPEC Bylaws alt


CPEC Board Meeting Minutes, 5/16/16 alt

Treasurer's Report, 4/16/16 alt

CPEC Board Meeting Minutes alt (2016 Spring Conference)

Treasurer's Report, 12/31/15 alt

CPEC Membership Meeting Minutes alt (2015 Annual Conference)

CPEC Board Meeting Minutes alt (2015 Annual Conference)

CPEC Board Meeting Minutes alt (2015 Pre-Annual Conference)


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AFC Connections Get plugged in to CPEC on AFC Connections!

AFC Connections is our private interactive forum. Within this forum, we have the Career and Professional Employees Circle. Please join the circle and connect with us today!

How to Join the Career and Professional Employees Commission Circle:

Visit http://www.myafchome.org and click the login button.
Click on the 'My Profile' link.
Click on 'My Features' and select "Circles" - All Circles.
Choose the Commissions category to isolate only commissions.
Scroll down to career and professional employees commission circle and select it.
Look to the upper right corner of the page and select 'join circle.'

Click on the plug (AFC Connections) to be taken to the Career and Professional Employees Commission Circle, enter your login credentials, and click Join Circle once the circle opens.

If you have an issue logging on to the site, first try clicking on the forgot my username AND forgot my password links. Forgot my username will send you an email with your correct username. Forgot my password will send you a link to reset your password.

If your email address is not found on file, please send a message to info@myafchome.org and a staff member will contact you.