Promotes professional growth and exchange of information among the career and professional (non-administrative, non-faculty) employees.

Welcome - A Message from the 2020 Chair 

Welcome to the Career and Professional Employees Commission!

I am honored and privileged to serve as the Chair for the Career and Professional Employees Commission for 2020. I look forward to working with the AFC membership to increase and promote professional development at each of the Colleges. I will be reaching out to each Chapter and Region to get involve with increasing professional development for our members.

Our mission is to continue to promote professional development and exchange of information among the Career and Professional employee of the “Great 28”.

Please join us as we embark on a new year. In the words of our AFC President – “Looking for dedicated people with 2020 vision.”


Sharon Walker
Tallahassee Community College
2020 Career and Professional Employees Chair

Learn more about CPEC by watching our CPEC 101 presentation!

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NEW! Upcoming Webinar
Career & Professional Employees Commission Presents: 
Virtual Customer Service: Giving Your Best During the COVID 19 Pandemic - Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.

In today’s society of working remotely, customer service skills are still paramount. Any organization or business knows competition is fierce as the campaign goes to attract, recruit, and educate students, to our colleges; with the ultimate goals of graduating them. How we interact with them is key. This presentation will focus on the following:
• Knowing your business
• Being dedicated
• Learn the definition for “Remote Perfect Customer Service”
• Learn how to track your daily progress
• Learn how to understand your customers’ needs

Presenter: Gregory Williams
Staff Assistant II
Tallahassee Community College
VP Elect for Commission
Association of Florida Colleges

To register for this webinar, click here.


Chair: Sharon Walker, Tallahassee Community College; eMail:[email protected]; Phone: 850-201-6148 

Chair-Elect: Melonie Miner, Pensacola State College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 850-484-1726

Immediate Past Chair: Katie Profeta, Indian River State College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 772-462-7629 

Secretary: Hayden McGee Russell, Gulf Coast State College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 850-769-1551 x.2829

Historian: Primrose Humphries, Broward College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone:954-201-8452

Parliamentarian: Dr. Yinka Tella, Broward College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 954-201-2033

Webmaster: Obi Kalu, Pensacola State College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 850-484-2374



2017 CPEC Award Winners:

Essay Award: Kathy Fields, State College of Florida, Bradenton Campus



Book Scholarship Award: Margaret Bronson, Tallahassee Community College






Unsung Hero Award: Gregory Williams, Tallahassee Community College











Employee of the Year: Cara Bennett, College of Central Florida




Exemplary Practice Winner: Summer Washington. Tallahassee Community College

Congratulations to Our CPEC Board Members who were selected for the 2017 Distinguish Service Awards:




Dana Livesay, Hillsborough Community College





Sharon Walker, Tallahassee Community College





Gregory Williams, Tallahassee Community College




From left to right: 2016 CPEC Chair Kim Baker, Dana Livesay, Sharon Walker, 2017 AFC President Robert Flores, 2017 CPEC Chair Matt Wetzel & Gregory Williams


Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Career and Professional Employees Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws:

CPEC Bylaws alt


CPEC Board Meeting Minutes 11/1/17

CPEC Business Meeting 11/2/17

CPEC Board Meeting Minutes 12/13/17

CPEC Board Meeting Minutes, 5/16/16 alt

Treasurer's Report, 4/16/16 alt

CPEC Board Meeting Minutes alt (2016 Spring Conference)

Treasurer's Report, 12/31/15 alt

CPEC Membership Meeting Minutes alt (2015 Annual Conference)

CPEC Board Meeting Minutes alt (2015 Annual Conference)

CPEC Board Meeting Minutes alt (2015 Pre-Annual Conference)


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