Course Agenda

Day One

Morning Session 1 (8:30am-10:30am)

  • Overview of violence risk factors
  • Defining BITs, prevention, and threat assessment
  • Defining core qualities of a threat assessment
  • Differentiating threat assessment from psychological assessment


Morning Break (10:30am-10:45am)


Morning Session 2 (10:45am-12:00pm)

  • Overview of objective risk rubrics: The NaBITA Risk Rubric, SIVRA-35, VRAW2, and ERIS
  • The importance of establishing a risk rating
  • Conducting team self-assessment using the Core Q10 and/or NaBITA Standards
  • Review of the NaBITA Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams


Lunch Break (12:00pm-1:00pm)

Afternoon Session 1 (1:00pm-2:30pm)

  • Teaching on the NaBITA Risk Rubric and predatory v. affective violence
  • Case study application of the tool
  • Understanding and assessing social media threats


Afternoon Break (2:30pm-2:45pm)


Afternoon Session 2 (2:45pm-4:30pm)

  • Window Into BIT: video simulation of BIT meeting demonstrating how to engage in the three key phases of a BIT
  • How to effectively lead a team toward cohesive group dynamics, while avoiding groupthink and conformity


Day Two:

Morning Session 1 (8:30am-10:30am)[1]

  • Utilizing mandated assessments: when to initiate them and who should conduct them
  • Cultivating relationships for mandated assessments
  • Tips for establishing a process for mandated assessments
  • Using Structured Professional Judgement as part of the mandated assessment


Morning Break (10:30am-10:45pm)


Morning session 2 (10:45-12:00pm)

  • Utilizing a range of interventions for cases including case management, progressive conduct, and separation from the institution
  • Using interventions tied to the NaBITA risk rating
  • Overview of case management as an intervention and support
  • Conduct, forced leaves, and academic standards
  • Discussion of ADA and 504 considerations and the direct threat test
  • Case example of recent ADA settlement


Lunch (12:00pm-1:00pm)


Afternoon Session 1 (1:00pm-2:30pm)

  • Bias reduction and cultural competency on your BIT
  • In-depth teaching on the SIVRA-35 and how to implement it


Afternoon Break (2:30pm-2:45pm)


Afternoon Session 2 (2:45pm-4:30pm)

  • SIVRA-35 demonstration video
  • Discussion of the case and the SIVRA-35 demonstration video