ACCESS AFC- Professional Development Series

The AFC partnered with Alpha UMi Inc. to develop professional development skills training webinars to provide for its Institutional Members throughout the state. Alpha UMi Inc. specializes in innovative training programs to elevate professionalism and leadership through interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and soft skills development. 


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Promoting a Culture of Equality and Inclusion
                    Winning Mindset                   
                                        Difficult Conversations
Avoiding Burnout



Join us as we discuss the Art of Active Listening to improve your professional relationships. Active Listening is one of the most important skills for leaders. As Steven Covey observes, "Seek to understand before you seek to be understood." We show that we are actively listening through our responses, our questions, our patience, and our body language. However, distractions do occur, and with more conversations occurring via Zoom meetings, sometimes it's hard to stay engaged. 

This webinar will introduce the topic of active listening and discuss it through examples and interviews. It will provide guidelines for how to step up our active listening skills.

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Tuesday, June 21 11:00 AM  Register Here
Wednesday, June 22 2:00 PM Register Here
Tuesday, June 28 1:00 PM  Register Here
Thursday, June 30 11:00 AM  Register Here
Thursday, July 7 1:00 PM  Register Here