ACCESS AFC- Professional Development Series

The AFC partnered with Alpha UMi Inc. to develop professional development skills training webinars to provide for its Institutional Members throughout the state. Alpha UMi Inc. specializes in innovative training programs to elevate professionalism and leadership through interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and soft skills development. 


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Promoting a Culture of Equality and Inclusion
Winning Mindset

 ACCESS AFC Resilience  

Change is happening at an unprecedented rate, and the ability to be agile and to adapt is now critical for success.  Resilience is defined as the ability of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change so as to still retain essentially the same function. We must have the resilience to be able to react, respond and adjust to changes in life, positive or negative, and still move forward.

Join us in our latest session of ACCESS-AFC as we learn some essential traits of resilience. Learn how to use prosilience, the ability of a person or system to respond to difficulties by getting better, not just recovering to a previous state, to achieve more!

The schedule will be posted soon.

Access AFC will provide professional development sessions on a variety of topics for college employees. All college employees are invited to register and attend. Topics in the series may include:


      1. Promoting a Culture of Equality and Inclusion
      2. Winning Mindset
      3. Resilience
      4. Emotional Intelligence
      5. Ethics
      6. Communication
      7. Time Management
      8. Professional Attire & Personal Brand
      9. Customer Service/Customer Experience
      10. Critical Thinking – Why It Matters
      11. Goal Development
      12. Difficult Conversations
      13. How to Effectively Delegate
      14. Servant Leadership