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Types of Proposals

Submission Guidelines


Submission Deadline

Join us at the AFC Family Reunion on November 15-18, 2022

This November, the Association of Florida Colleges will reunite at its first in-person Annual Meeting & Conference in two years. Covid -19 upended education as we knew it, disrupting all over lives. We learned to adapt to increased workloads, budget cuts, staffing shortages, new virtual modalities, and enrollment challenges amidst the evolving paradigm shift in higher education. We learned, we innovated, and we transformed.

Join us as we convene members, colleagues, and higher education industry leaders at “The Family Reunion.” We will celebrate and recognize our best and brightest while sharing lessons learned, highlighting best practices, and empowering college leaders to respond to the challenges ahead for our institutions and the students we serve.

The AFC’s Legacy is rooted deep and wide. We invite you to join us at “The Family Reunion” where we will come together again.  

What types of presentation proposals are needed?

We seek presentations on how colleges are navigating the post-Covid era through new programs, processes, and services. Share with us new collaborative partnerships, outcomes, and innovative initiatives. Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Workforce Education, IT, and Career Professionals are encouraged to submit proposals for educational sessions in these critical areas for higher education.

Submissions on the following themes/topics are encouraged:

Campus Safety and Cybersecurity/Facilities Management 

COVID - 19 

Equity Issues - Title IX Changes

Service Learning

Guided Pathways      

Crisis Management/Risk Management

Diversity/Inclusion/Social Justice


Mental Health/Suicide Prevention        

Retirement/Financial Planning

Student Affairs/Student Support Services/Enrollment & Retention Strategies

Virtual Learning & Online Instruction/Faculty Development


Veterans Affairs 

Workforce Development Initiatives & Partnerships 

Submission Guidelines

Current Sessions will be 50 minutes in length and should be designed to explore and address issues, theories, and practices related to critical issues in higher education. Formats may include Lectures, Panels, or General Workshops. Proposals will be evaluated on the quality of the content, the specific learning objectives, and the program type.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is September 2, 2022.

Submission Policies

  1. Sessions submitted by the stated deadline will be reviewed, and notifications will only be sent to the designated key contact.

  2. When a proposal is accepted, all presenters must comply with submission deadlines for session materials. Failure to do so may result in the non-inclusion of the session in the conference program.

  3. All presenters will be required to sign and return the Speaker's Agreement.  Click here for a copy of the 2022 AFC Speaker's Agreement

  4. All costs associated with attending the AFC Annual Conference are the responsibility of the individual presenter(s).