2021 Statewide Officer Candidates

Before voting, please review all of the officer candidates' background information and their candidate web pages (links provided). You will be voting for only one office - the 2021 Vice President-Elect for Regions and Chapter- (1 candidate).

You will be directed to the ballot via the button listed at the bottom of the page.

PRESIDENT-ELECT - (1 candidate):


Stephanie L. Campbell
‎Director, Upward Bound Program, Polk State College
Platform: AFC: Strength in Community!

Stephanie is currently the Director of two Upward Bound programs with Polk State College.  Being a Director has been one of the best undertakings she has encountered.  Doubling the number of students to serve in Polk County, which also means increasing the budget and managing 30 staff. 

 Stephanie L. Campbell has been an active member of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) since November 2009. As an education professional, she truly believes that connections made through AFC provide unlimited opportunities for all its members to be more successful. When college employees are more successful, the educational institution is stronger and more successful.  As more employees are active members, it only benefits the community colleges that much more. Whether you’re an employee, board member, or retired, you can position yourself to be active and take advantage of all the association has to offer.  Read more...

Visit Stephanie's Candidate Page HERE for more information.



Melonie Miner
Contracts Administrator/Risk Management Coordinator for Legal Services, Pensacola State College
Platform: TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Melonie has been with the college for over five years and holds an Associate’s degree in Leadership Studies and a Bachelors's in Business from William Penn University in Iowa. Before joining the Florida College System, she worked for a public company in Iowa focused on agriculture and nutrition. She believes in allowing all children to succeed and does her part by volunteering for the United Way ReadingPals program and serving as a Guardian ad Litem in Florida’s First District (Escambia County).

She has been an active member of the Association of Florida Colleges since 2015. Melonie has held a variety of leadership positions in the AFC at the local and state levels. The positions she has held are Chapter Secretary (3 terms), Chapter President (1 term), Chapter Event Coordinator (appointed by President – 1 term), 2017 Region I Director-Elect, 2018 Region I Director, 2019, and 2020 Member Services Committee Chair and 2020 CPEC Chair-elect. She is also a 2019 graduate of the CCP Program. Read more....

TEAM up with Mel for VP-Elect of Regions and Chapters!”

Visit Mel's Candidate Page HERE for more information.



Giovanni "John" Barbieri
Supervisor for Physical Plant Division, Indian River State College
Platform: Unity, Pride, and Service

Giovanni “John” Barbieri was born and raised in Italy. He has dual citizenship here in the United States and Italy. John earned his Associate in Science in Business Administration from Indian River State College (IRSC) and is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management. For nearly 25 years, Giovanni “John” Barbieri has served IRSC with extraordinary dedication. As a Supervisor for the Physical Plant Division, he is responsible for the meticulous look of IRSC’s grounds, classrooms, and workspaces, a role that elicits great pride in this college leader. John is eternally optimistic, energetic, and he has a profound love for this institution. He lifts all those around him and makes countless contributions to ensure IRSC enjoys such an outstanding learning environment for it's students and employees. 

In addition to his responsibilities at IRSC, he has served on the IRSC AFC Chapter Board for the past 12 years. He also served on the AFC’s Board of Directors as Facilities Commissions Chair (three terms), Region V Director (two terms), and currently serves as the Co-Chair of Membership. Read more...

Visit John's Candidate Page HERE for his full bio and more information.


The offices of President-Elect and Vice President-Elect for Commissions are uncontested and will not require a vote.

Jaimie Pagels, candidate for VP- Elect for Regions and Chapters, has withdrawn her candidacy. All remaining candidates are unopposed and will be appointed to the office for which they are running.

Thank you to all who voted!

Your 2021 AFC State Officers are:


Stephanie L. Campbell, President-Elect

Melonie Miner, VP-Elect for Regions and Chapters

Giovanni “John” Barbieri, VP-Elect for Commissions